Christmas Math Activities, Christmas Math Worksheets

Christmas Math Worksheets for Kids

Christmas Math Activities

Now you can have all of the Printable Christmas Math Activities and Christmas Math Worksheets that you need, at your fingertips.

Kids Christmas Activities includes

Christmas Math Activities and Christmas Math Worksheets

Christmas Math Worksheets

These Christmas math activities get kids keen to do math.

Fun and challenging Christmas math worksheets.

  • Red, White and Green Trees - A Christmas puzzle

  • Snowman Shapes - This Christmas math worksheet provides a tricky puzzle.

  • Addition Trees - A Christmas worksheet to practice addition

  • Snowman Subtraction - Practice subtraction with this tricky Christmas worksheet

  • Tree Totals - Get the right total at the top of the tree.

  • Make 10 or 12 - See who can find the most pairs. 

  • Make 15 or 18 - Search for the pairs to get the totals.

  • Make 20, 30 or 40 - Find the pairs under the stockings.

  • Snowman Jumble - Unjumble the Snowman to make a multiplication fact.

  • Star Jumble - Unjumble the Stars to make division facts.

  • Pathways 3 and 5 - Help the reindeer to find the sleigh.

  • Pathways 4 and 7 - Help the Angel get to the top of the tree.

  • Christmas Sudoku 4 x 4- a simpler version of sudoku

  • Santa Sudoku 6 x 6 - more challenging than the 4 x 4 sudoku

  • Snowman Sudoku 9 x 9 - 2 full size sudokus - the perfect Christmas puzzle


Christmas Math ActivitiesChristmas Math WorksheetKids Christmas Math

Christmas Math ActivitiesKids Christmas Math Worksheet

Christmas MathChristmas Math Activities


Kids Christmas Activities

brings you this special package combining


The Kids Christmas Activities package gives you

Printable Christmas Activities for Kids


Printable Christmas Games for Kids.

Imagine having all of the fun Kids Christmas Mazes and Christmas Kids Games that you want - right at your fingertips.

  • Christmas Word Puzzles

  • Christmas Math Worksheets

  • Christmas Writing Activities

  • Christmas Writing Templates

  • Kids Christmas Mazes

  • Christmas Cards to make

  • Christmas Bookmarks to print

  • Christmas Coloring Pages

  • Christmas Kids Games to print and play


Kids Christmas Games Package!

A complete set of professional, colorful resources that you simply print and and hand out to kids.

  • Over 75 pages of Printable Kids Christmas Activities including Christmas Word Puzzles, Christmas Math Worksheets, Christmas Writing Activities, Kids Christmas Mazes, Christmas Cards, Christmas Bookmarks and Christmas Coloring Pages.

  • 11 Colorful Kids Christmas Games to print and play - including dominoes, bingo, board games and games sheets


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Christmas Math Activities, Christmas Math Worksheets